365 project, day 5

365 project, day 5

i’m stretching the rules here.

i wanted to share some old photos. and really, i don’t remember reading any rules for the 365 project.

or else i wilfully ignored them.

at any rate, i have been thinking about these photos for a couple days. that big pensive owl.

and so here they are.

more to the point, nothing that i took today really inspired me as much as these photos did. taken almost a month ago—on ‘family day’, as it were—it is a nice contrast to the small taste of summertime we’ve been experiencing here in southern ontario.

a month ago, i was skating on a frozen lake. (not this particular lake, mind you.)

i crunched my way through icy, untouched snow.

i watched a porcupine slumber away in a big, tall, naked tree.

that’s a nice way to spend a weekend.

oh. hello, matt.