homemade ricotta

i should probably clarify: this isn’t “ricotta” in the sense that it isn’t actually made from left-over whey. but it doesn’t need to be. trust me. this is some tasty ricotta.

creamy, delicious, salty, fresh…and cost effective. we like that, yes?


  • 2 L homogenized milk
  • juice from 3 lemons
  • cheese cloth
  • salt

c’est tout.


  • heat the milk until it steams, stirring constantly so that it doesn’t stick. not quite a boil. remove from heat.
  • the object is to curdle as much of the milk as possible with the juice from ~3 lemons. first, pour in about half the lemon juice. try to cover as much surface area as possible with the juice for optimal curdle-age. stir gently. repeat this process with the rest of the juice. let it sit for ~6-10 mins.
  • line a colander with cheese cloth. pour half the mixture into it. let it drain a bit and pull the corners in to make a ball. tie the ends and hang it to drip over a bowl. repeat this process with the rest of the curdled milk.
  • let it hang out for about twenty to thirty minutes. the cheese will drain enough that it’s soft and moist, but not completely dry.
  • put all the cheese into a bowl and add salt, to taste. don’t be shy; it should be salty. it’s cheese.

heating the milk.

the best kitchen tool i never knew i needed.


at this stage, you can already see the ricotta form.


my anonymous source who helped me with this recipe mentioned that he’d reserve the drippings, heat it to a boil, and start the process again. the cheese you’d yield from this would be incredibly low fat. the texture would be slightly more grainy, though. less creamy.

don’t be shy. it’s better salty.

and that’s it my friends. ricotta. homemade. with love.

xx katty lea