today i spent the day in the suburbs. it exceeds the power of my brain to think about the industry power that’s needed to sustain suburbs. the money and the mortgages that go into the houses, the products that it takes to fill those homes, the cars.

in a beautiful moment of irony, i happened to be driving into town while listening to life inc. by douglas rushkoff. specifically, the chapter about real estate & the disconnect from home.

i spent the morning visiting with my parents, writing, while my partner helped peat my parent’s gardens. i have a dog, ricky martin, and we like spending time. so it goes. lazy sunday.

i didn’t bring my camera and so i have nothing really to show you of today, though i wanted to express my gratitude for living in a part of toronto where business owners opt to honour fair trade goods, ethical farming, and even local artists.

the first two photos are this beautiful installation — a giant wooden/mixed media phoenix (?) that i love, and i wish i had remembered to write down the artist’s name. next time.

lemon scone.

xx kattylea