the kat cave

i’m keeping the machines under the table so that i can pull them out whenever i’m working on something, but have a great surface for planning and laying out patterns otherwise. i still want to organize it a little better—maybe a little wall-mounted shelf to store scissors and pins and rulers.

i had plans to spend today on my bike, but the rain is a good excuse to get working on something in my newly fashioned sewing room.

but first, i wanted to share what i consider to be an awesome find.

creative hands, volumes 1 through 22. i found the whole set for 20 dollars in a goodwill, and before i knew what was happening i was plodding through the alleyways (the shortcut back home), hefting a box full of my new crafty, sewing books from the late 60s/early 70s. i’m a proud mama.

the main pattern blocks can mainly be found in the final volume (as far as i can tell), though there are some variations through the books.

i’ve never worked with patterns that i’d have to draft myself from a grid, but i’m excited to give it a try. the books also have all sorts of other fun, home ec. type of projects. knitting, cross stitch, embroidery, etc.

but before i dive in, there’s a huge piece of olive linen that i’ve been waiting to cut into. i’ve been resistant, because it is so pretty, and because i’ve never worked with linen before.

be brave, young padawan.

xx katty lea