home is where

today, i offer you a simple tour of a spot with which i’m enamoured. i hope you enjoy the photos. the progression is a little random, but this is truly a “day in the life” during the canada day long weekend.

as a canadian, i fall amongst those with the general the mindset that summers are for cottages and lake swimming. i’m particularly lucky that the “cottage” that i get to visit is a true home, filled with lots of love, food, and family.

cheesy? that’s ok. this is my blog, after all.

matt’s momma (my MIL-in-spirit) has green thumbs the likes of which make me green with envy. i can’t grow things! the only part of gardening that i excel at is speaking sweetly to plants. i have myself convinced that a few words of encouragement really go a long way when it comes to flora, fauna, vegetation… the whole gamut of living plant life need a daily dose of uplifting one-liners.

i hand off any garden-related responsibilities to my loved ones. it’s for the best, trust me.

so when matt came across a small collection of young hop plants, we knew immediately who we would ask to turn them into the tall and proud hop plants that they’re bound to become. as it were, matt’s parents were already working on a small addition to their garden where they would house matt’s hops, as well as the rhizomes that my MIL-in-spirit bought.

matt and his father built this beautiful garden at the end of may, and the centennial hops are now even taller than matt! while the rhizomes will take longer to grow, there were a few plants that were happily binding their way up the ropes.

i didn’t grow up in a small town, and so i’ve been having a wild ride exploring the world of small-town ontario over the past few years through my partner. having grown up in and around the perth/smiths falls area (approximately between kingston and ottawa), matt has been around when i (totally awe-struck) saw fireflies light up the ground in the pitch-black night from where we sat on a covered porch. such are things that the city-girl doesn’t often glimpse.

this weekend, i learned that deer flies and horse flies are annoying, but extremely dim-witted. panic is the enemy. insect netting is your friend.

also, they have horses.

we spent the afternoon in perth; a small town best known for the incredible stewart park music festival, a great arts/cultural vibe, and a deliberately preserved heritage area.

the perth farmer’s market was buzzing with a lot of great sellers. organic soaps, vegetables, homemade icecream, hand-made wooden kitchen accessories, breads. and music!

dance on, dancing guy.

i am cursed to never bring more than $3 to a farmer’s market. terrible at planning ahead for markets. fortunately, we found some delicious snack despite our meagre funds.

a glass of cool rhubarb juice and a potato curry pastry to share.

the rest of the afternoon was all about walking the city of perth, taking in the heritage area while matt pointed out some landmarks from childhood.

a tribute statue to ian miller! the golden boy of perth!

we finished our little tour of perth by admiring the great detail the sculptor decided to put into the horse’s anus. why not.

xx katty lea