publishers weekly posts a creepy article to promote ‘no easy day’

Link: publishers weekly posts a creepy article to promote ‘no easy day’

the tone of this article gives me some serious heebie-jeebies. pw… why?! what’s going on here?

just a couple items that made me a little queasy:

“What made Owen, who pumped a few rounds into a dying bin Laden’s chest, want to become a SEAL? A novel, Men in Green Faces by Gene Wentz, about a group of SEALs operating in Vietnam. Owen wrote a book report on it in junior high and knew from “page one” that he wanted to be a SEAL.”


“Chick lit for guys. Forget the Manolos and Chanel handbags — this book is fully loaded with real-life gear porn. Read this and you’ll know what kind of boots Owen prefers, the types of knives he packs when heading out, the various firearms he uses to ventilate terrorists, and how much more awesome his gear is compared to anything you’ll ever get to strap on.”

Casual, graphic imagery of Bin Laden’s death (murder?), and the valourization of those who took part in it, while employing the kind of flippant, colloquial approach to the subject matter that one is used to seeing in a US Weekly.

What do you think about this article? Have you read the book? Are you going to read the book?