apple overload

even though the temperature peaks into something resembling summer by mid-day, it’s the brisk mornings and cool nights that have my thoughts turning to pumpkin spices and sweaters and turning leaves…

apple picking, however, is for me what heralds the transition from summer to fall.

growing up in the suburbs, it was a trip to the farms just outside the city that solidified this connection between apples and fall. hay rides, tree climbing and the promise of apple pies. those rickety wooden ladders and eating apples straight off the tree. the adorably grumpy owner of the orchard. even now i get the same feeling: excitement with a twinge of nostalgia.

this year, apples were collected from an abandoned apple orchard not far from Toronto’s west end. unkempt, varied apples. organic. and for the afternoon, it’s a fun mess of climbing, shaking, gathering and dodging wasps.


we were, maybe, a bit over-enthusiastic. but we had plans. oh, there were plans…

(stay tuned)

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