sugar free crockpot apple butter

the great apple harvest of 2012 was spirited, to say the least.

though most of these are bound to become cider, i couldn’t help but steal a few to make apple butter. 1- apple butter is pricey, 2- apple butter blows apple sauce out of the water on all counts.

imho, of course.

besides, there’s nothing that says “fall” like making your house smell like apples and cinnamon for days…

without a food mill, i had to rely on labour intensive method involving an old metal sieve, a wooden spoon and a lot of patience. but for apple butter, this is a must. though, i’ve heard that some people throw the applesauce – skins and all – into the blender which i wish i had learned before i spent an hour squishing apples through a sieve.

do you see what i’m saying here?

at any rate, the process of making apple butter is essentially the same as making applesauce, with an extra step:  put the smooth (and skin-free) applesauce into a crockpot and set it on high for three hours with the lid off. this allows the moisture to escape, and the sugars to caramalize just a little bit.

i relied on simply canning’s water bath canning instructions as well as the national centre for home food preservation (including their amazing principals of home canning pdf) to make sure my apple butter was safe, especially because i’ll be handing these puppies out to friends and family.

a few of them, anyway. we really like apple butter.

xx katty lea

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