apple jelly

ok. back to the apples! i may have mentioned that we have had a lot of apples on hand as of late.

so. many.

but therein lay many opportunities! i am a very nostalgic person this time of year, and so to capture some of that into little jars…isn’t that romantic?

oh apple jelly! how i adore you! you make scones happier, peanut butter punchier… you make every day just a little brighter.

my MIL-in-spirit is a jelly mastermind, and we mourned the day when our apple jelly ran out. well, withdrawal be gone.

once again, i ventured over to my go-to food preservation resource, the national center for home food preservation, and found their article about making jams and jellies without pectin. i was also inspired heavily by david lebovitz’s apple jelly post, though — and tell me if i’m wrong — his sugar quantities seem lethal! i made an initial batch with about 1/2 cup sugar per cup of apple juice (which is less even than he suggests) and the resulting jelly was saccharine. this leads me to believe that his apples were more robust? somehow?


so pretty. i think these will make a really nice gifts. anyone have a birthday coming up?

xx katty lea

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