365 project, day 1

i transitioned into the new year in a cottage by stormy, little, lake eerie. its moody waters were murky with sand and soil and plant matter.

a week of non-specific celebration. celebration of the year past, the year to come. celebration of small and large victories. celebrations filled with sparklers and loud voices and dancing. too much food and too little sleep.

i’m back in the city now. i go back to work tomorrow. i’m looking forward to some routine.

i think it’s about time i started posting again. would you believe it if i told you i made a new year’s resolution about it?

i want to bring this blog around to its original purpose, which is to simply be a document. a collection of photos and ruminations and disastrous projects.

i’ve never been one to say too much here, and i like that. i do not want to say too much when the blog can speak for itself. constantly in danger of becoming a food blog (i happen to really like taking pictures of food), or some sort of healthy lifestyle blog, i worry about missing the point.

a mess of half-edited photos mixed in to folders with unedited photos and i can’t tell the difference most of the time, so you’ll have to forgive that.

but i will continue to log my adventuring, because there’s something that i want to tell you and i think this is the best way possible to do so.

01_tivoli (1 of 1)

happy new year.


xx katty lea

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