hello nature



365 project, day 2

today i only wanted to post pieces of five photos, which is a fair representation of the smattering of things lying around my living room that i want to play with. don’t ever put away the things you want to play with.



i am cradling a bowl of steamed vegetables with chunks of avocado (our sad, empty fridge), sorting through the legions of offerings from the nfb. documentary? something abstract and nonsensical?

i’m only barely recovered from a four day vacation. having to work a full eight hours seems a cruelty, but i did it and it was done. in an alternate world, my job is to churn out books of aphorisms and varied (often contradictory) observations about life. in this world, i have to make more sense than i do on a daily basis. no one really seems to mind or notice and so it goes.

now that i’m nestled in my living room, i don’t think i’ll leave home tonight. i think i’ll watch twomaybethree short films and cover (i’m not even going to think before typing these next words:) aboriginal affairs, artist biographies and the environment. oh, well. how about that. sounds educational.

later, when matt comes home i’ll see if we want to read a book about gourmet and medicinal mushrooms together. couples who read about mushrooms together stay together.

i almost forgot that the whole purpose of posting today was to tell you that i received my limited edition version of jack white’s blunderbuss, which i bought for myself for my birthday much before my birthday, and which is, colour-wise, the inverse of the non-limited edition record. it is also apparently the biggest selling vinyl of 2012. “biggest”. their word choice. not mine.

so, tonight, you can picture matt and i, heads together, reading about mushroom varieties (in unison) while listening to this song.

xx kattylea

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