kc lea


i made a little, lateral url shift. my father’s nickname for me since the dawn of my life is ‘kc’, and so i thought that was more appropriate than ‘katty’ which started to ring in my head has ‘kathy’ which is just not my name.

i’ve been just a touch awol as i’ve ventured east to the ottawa valley to spend some time with my partner’s family and lend some support during the passing of a dear family member.

this morning, i’m sitting beside a warm fireplace, in a forest-set house enjoying the wintery scenery. i have not felt the impulse to dig up the camera, instead sinking into a warm, contented laziness.

my thoughts have been wandering often toward the idea of politics and femininity. that is to say, that there is a subtle but persistent expectation that, as a female, politics should be politely avoided. as you may be able to deduce, i prefer to dive into those conversations. and i do think they should be conversations.

i am very careful to face off with my own impulse to “feminize” my opinions – that is, to negate them and quiet them. i have no fear of recrimination, or of discussion, or of learning, or of teaching. and so, there it is.

when a woman is openly political, are we more likely to distrust, ignore or roll our eyes at her?

just some lazy, sunday ruminations from your friendly neighbourhood spiderman.

xx kc

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