waking up in the woods

a lot of things are my favourite things, but waking up in the woods is one of my top favourite things.



the sun peeking up through trees, soft light through frosted windows, cold red noses. i love all of it.



DSC_2185hoodies are a must. by night two i was also wearing a toque to bed. that is very canadian of me, to call it a toque.



someone woke up early and re-lit the furnace, which was a nice treat to wake up to. as for me, i decided to brave the frosty morning chill to catch some of that soft, white, morning light. everyone else was too busy sleeping, so i ventured outward to feed the horses by myself.




(fact: sorrells are really shitty for actual canadian winters, but just fine for torontonian winters)





these guys are icelandic x canadian horses. they don’t seem to mind the frosty air.



this is the little cabin from the outside. it is a stones-throw from the lake and made from an existing structure (shed?) that was already there. one day, i want to build a little cabin.





i sincerely hope you enjoy this little photo-dump. as always, i’m facing a photo back-log and so these were taken last weekend near the ottawa valley in a town about twenty minutes away from perth, ontario. these photos make me smile. i hope you feel inspired to find a cabin in the woods while it’s still winter. winter in toronto doesn’t do much for me. but winter in rural canada? oh, yes. warm meals with family, icy hikes on frozen lakes, visiting local farms, beer at the local pub. lots of things to do. i even hung out with some very pregnant sheep. they were such sweeties. like big, spherical, fluffy dogs.

grab some of that winter! soon it’ll be gone!


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