we’ve been night-timing

DSC_2275 DSC_2276 DSC_2280DSC_2290 DSC_2292

i’m not done spreading the love for winter in rural settings yet! nope. i’m sorry. you’ll have to bear with me.

i found these on my camera and forgot they existed. we went for a midnight skate on the lake last weekend. one of the neighbours keeps a patch of the lake snow-plowed and flooded. it is perfectly flat and shiny, as if he had a secret zamboni. the temperature was dangerously crisp. i learned a lesson in layering. i looked like a bozo in five layers of wool and wind-resistant fabrics, but the -40 degree winds could not touch me.

the lighting is all funny and weird. green and blue and grainy grey-turquoise? not exactly a brilliant set of photos, but that’s what happens when taking photos a)with mittens on, b) in the pitch-black night.

it was so quiet and still on the lake, the stars perfectly visible in the clear sky. once in a while the ice will shift and send the sound of a sudden crack echoing outward. there are also coyotes (the evidence of which…a dismembered, mangled baby deer…we found embedded into the surface of the frozen lake one morning. cruel nature.) i’ve never seen a coyote but i imagine that, despite our relative size differential, i would react in a way that is unbecoming of an aspiring woodsman.

at any rate, i am now drooling over the thought of bundling up and finding a patch of ice somewhere around the city tonight. high park?


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