beer of the month club

there are few things that make me happier than getting stuff in the mail. and when that thing is craft beer…? i do a happy dance.

as a christmas present, one of matt’s siblings gave him something that neither of us knew existed: a subscription to the beer of the month club. we just received our second shipment on thursday and so i wanted to gloat thought i’d review it for fellow beer enthusiasts.

each beer of the month showcases three bottles each of four types of beer, all from microbreweries. three times four equals twelve whole beers! a perfectly sharable quantity. both shipments we’ve received so far each featured beer from two breweries, and have all been canadian beers (and in most cases, from ontario). However, a shipment may also feature award-winning international brews.


each shipment also contains a handy cheat-sheet so that you can learn a bit more about the featured breweries. this month it is all about pepperwood brewery in burlington, and saw dust citybrewery in gravenhurst.



we were thrilled to see a kolsch in the line-up because this happens to be the next style that matt wants to brew. for the first time ever, he’ll be brewing with a purchased, liquid yeast (as opposed to dry yeast, or just syphoning the yeast from the bottom of a bottle we’ve enjoyed. waste not want not, amiright?)

sadly, we didn’t make it through many of the beers yet, but we split a kolsch last night and it was really tasty! very sessionable, biscuity, low bitterness, and straw-yellow in colour. sadly, we didn’t end up moving on to any other beers but let me know if you’re interested in hearing any more about any of the above beers! i aim to please.

that is just a quick update for you this morning! matt is elbows-deep in a pile of grain, and nerdily excited to use his new liquid kolsch yeast. i won’t be around to help out today, but i will share the results in… 6 weeks?….

as for me, i’m running out the door to ashtanga. i’m not even going to edit this post. i’m a rebel like that.

xx kc



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