Fresh Starts are Overrated

0904_Roadtrip (1 of 1)

The last three months have been wild and only now — almost three weeks later — I am finally starting to get a sense of the extent to which things have changed in my life. Between leaving Toronto (the city I’d lived in for the last eight (!) years), moving into a cabin in the Ottawa Valley, and driving to the West coast (and back) in a month-long adventure, and finally, settling in to a bit of a routine of writing, reading and taking photos, I can confidently say that this has been a time in my life that has been rife with changes.

Mind you, I wasn’t looking for a “fresh start” and so it’s with no regret that I say that I haven’t arrived at one. Despite the intensity leading up to my departure from a full-time job and the Big Smoke, I sit here today and feel simply that that is life. Periods of reflection punctuated by action. We are always changing. And the world changes around us, too, even as we sit and watch.

Besides — and I’m going to lean on a cliche here — we wouldn’t be who we are at this moment without the experiences we’ve met along the way.

Here are 5 reasons why a fresh start is overrated:

Everything is always changing. Whether we recognize it at the time or not, every moment brings change and every day offers us unfamiliar territory. To think that your life is stagnant is an illusion. To think that you can stave off change using a cocktail of routine and structure is to ignore the fact that things don’t and can’t “stay the same”. This is all to say that the romantic concept of a “fresh start” is a denial of the many opportunities each day that cause us to re-route or re-commit, to break or to start a habit….

Life is the journey not the destination. And the plot line is already in full swing. Have you ever started reading a book from page 100? Probably not.

The biggest obstacle of change is fear. Instead of thinking of starting over, think about any fears to which you may be attached.

You need the support of others. No woman is an island, as they say! Look around you and I’m sure you’ll see that there are people who support your lofty goals and outlandish ambitions. The journey is easier with a little help from your friends.

You’re already closer than you think. As you slowly snake your way through the minutes, days and hours, you start to realize you’ve been circling your ideal life this whole time. A Fresh Start? Maybe instead what you really need is a glass of wine with a good friend, a wild adventure and a bit more free time.

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