Roadtrip West by the Numbers

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Sometimes the most impulsive decisions end up being the best ones. We hadn’t really thought this trip through, but decided we’d pack the car anyway. “We might leave in the morning, maybe,” we would tell people. It was a game of chicken.

That night we took out maps — real, physical maps — and planned that we could make it past Sault Ste. Marie and into Pancake Bay if we drove for about ten hours. Ten hours. It would take us two days to get out of Ontario, and we could be in British Columbia in five days if we kept up a good pace. I looked at Matt wondering if he, or I, would break first.

The next morning the alarm woke us up. In the car and on the road by 6 a.m. We did it. We made it on the road.

That night we fell asleep on noisy shore of Lake Superior. Over a thousand kilometers from home. I forgot my glasses, our air mattress had a leak, and the cold air streamed into our too-big tent. We slept huddled together, listening to the waves crashing along the beach. It was the best.

Our roadtrip west by the numbers:

10,500 The number of kilometers we put onto the car.

31 Days from home and back.

1 ticket. Not bad.

0 The number of bear encounters.

4 The number of consecutive days we ate logan bread for breakfast, lunch and (usually) supper.

3 The number of times we had to pay over $15 for camping.

5 The number of nights on the road we camped for free.

4 Willing families and friends, generously hosting us along the way.

1 h 15 m The amount of time it took us to summit the infamous Grouse Grind (a little slow if you ask me, but dang if that isn’t a steep climb.)

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