dog of the day

pico the dog

she’s so easy to fall in love with. what’s with that? what’s with dogs being so easy to love?

i used to send my best friend photos of cute dogs every day. i called the email series “dog of the day”. today, i almost sent him that email and then thought i’d send it to you all, too.

i wanted to tell you that i adopted a dog, and that she is makes my heart feel so full and happy. her name is pico. right now, she’s off on a walk with matt. i worked late tonight and when i came home, they were both gone. i wish i could be there with them. they’re probably running around a field. i can picture it. i can picture how fast she is, how matt will dodge to try to avoid her. but there’s no match. pico will catch him.

i don’t have a really great picture of her and i’ve already shared this one on facebook. this is the first photo i took of her. on the first day she came home she paced and paced. she’s a big, energetic dog, and she walked with purpose and unease around our apartment. we dimmed the lights throughout the house so that she might get the cue that it’s time to sleep. that night, she found her spot. that corner of the living room carpet is still hers.

  • breed: redtick coonhoud mix (we think)
  • age: 2 years, ~2 mts
  • adopted from: the ottawa humane society
  • likes: running. me and matt (in that order. sorry matt), food. water. other dogs (except on leash, then it can go either way). her crate. the living room carpet. walks. car rides.
  • doesn’t like: when we leave for work. being left alone. sunscreen spray (oops). being on a leash when there’s an animal that she wants to sniff out.
  • best memory: a day after she came home, i let pico off-leash in a forest to run around with a new rottweiler friend. they had a blast.
  • close second: matt and pico curled up together on the corner of the carpet (my heart nearly burst).

c’est tout. i’ve been taking a lot of photos and writing a lot for my main job and my second job, and so i’ve taken a bit of a backseat on the bloggity. but i have so much to say, so, i hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come.

xx kc lea

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