My Trip to Iqaluit: Day 6 (old hudson bay buildings on the apex trail)

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In the homestretch of my visit to Iqaluit, we went on a little hike along the apex trail. There is something very “Canadiana” about the whole idea. There is also something really special of literally walking through our backyard and right to the ocean side, and onto the apex trail.

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Since it was the morning after our camping trip, things moved a little more slowly as we enjoyed hot coffee, warm breakfast, and creature comforts like clean clothes. Soon, we packed some basic supplies and were off.

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The trail itself couldn’t have taken more than an hour, but it was all on the side of the drop-off to the ocean. Incredibly scenic, and fun to walk over boulders and soft tundra ground cover.

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It wasn’t long before the old Hudson Bay buildings were in view. The distinct, red roofs are visible even across the bay. These buildings mark the origins of Iqaluit. The buildings moved its south Baffin headquarters to the apex beach from Ward Inlet in 1943. The original Ward Inlet site opened in 1914.

20140826_iqaluitapex (2 of 15)Esker’s seen it before, so she wasn’t all too interested.

20140826_iqaluitapex (8 of 15)

Now, the Hudson’s Bay buildings are up for rent as townhouse, though the main building is boarded up. As an outsider, it’s hard to understand why these aren’t the most in-demand apartments to live in. Like anything else, these buildings seem so significant to me, and yet, they are simply part of this community’s backdrop.

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The clouds rolled in and it was a wet walk back, followed by a hot meal. Later that night we saw beautiful, dancing, Northern Lights take over the sky. I wasn’t nearly equipped enough to take photos, which requires a lot more darkness than I was able to achieve, as well as a tripod (which I didn’t pack).

Still. Hiking along the arctic ocean. Old Hudson’s Bay trading posts. Northern Lights. It was a good day to be in Iqaluit.

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