Inside My New House

You guys! All your well-wishes and hoopla have been really heartwarming. From one friend: “It can’t possibly be that bad.” Challenge accepted!

It’s been about a week and a half since I became a homeowner but it seems like it’s been a lot longer than that. The last couple weekends have been a whirlwind of wallpaper, planning, more wallpaper, and more planning. In the grand scheme of things, this has truly been the tip of the iceberg. Full days of work can feel like you accomplish both a lot and so very little, somehow, simultaneously. But the long days have helped us absorb what the house is like to move around in, and what it should look like.

I’ve learned a lot. I learned that sometimes wallpaper hides broken plaster. I’ve learned about plaster repair. I’ve learned about oil tanks, and how many insurance companies are not about to play that game.

I’ve also learned that I have a secret weapon: My blind enthusiasm has carried me through hours about hours of wallpaper removal, repairs, cleaning, paint stripping. The most monotonous tasks, and I’ve been able to force my way through them with glee. I will fix this house and I will do it with a smile on my face, dammit.

Without further ado, some pictures from inside my new house at various stages during the first 1.5 weeks of the reno:

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