The House Diaries: A month in review

IMG_20150404_174505IMG_20150404_174518IMG_20150404_174625IMG_20150404_174825IMG_20150404_170830IMG_20150404_170641I can’t believe we just sailed passed the three month mark as homeowners. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. That’s three months of weekends dedicated to plaster and wallpaper removal and contractors, and more and more and more. I wanted to share some of the highlights from this past month– including our first maple syrup boil. I often forget to pack my camera, and so please excuse the low-quality images here.

I’m really excited because a few projects are coming together at once. The first bedroom, downstairs bathroom, and living room are all starting to look finished. What I’ve learned about this home reno stuff: Things look and feel very messy for a long time, and then all of a sudden you’re on the right side of the reno. Things start to look better. It’s a simple shift sometimes; suddenly, maybe one wall is done and it makes you take a step back. It feels creative. It feels good.

The highlights from this month include getting the shower on the ground floor cement-boarded, the ceilings on the ground-floor dry-walled, starting to move the plumbing in the kitchen, and most of all: Getting the paint onto the bedroom walls. It’s hard to take pictures of a bare, white wall and make them look exciting, but here it is.



IMG_20150404_150502The colour is called “Fuzzy Mittens” and it’s…well…white. It’s the white of a white wool coat: Very slightly yellowed. And I am a little bit in love with it.

Now that we’re done with the walls, we pulled up the carpet to reveal painted pine floors.

IMG_20150404_183905To be continued….

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