Goodbye August, you’ve been a treat.

I haven’t been posting about my house a lot here over the summer, and to be honest that has a lot to do with just getting through the summer, trying to enjoy my house as much as I can, and some more evaluation of what kind of writing I’d like to post here. I’m not good at casual blogging. I’m not all that interesting, first of all, but I’m also mainly interested in things that aren’t just me or my house.

The reason I started sharing pictures and stories from my renovation is because I wanted to show you the highs and lows of renovating a virtually untouched ~150 year old home. Particularly, how to do so without leaning on very many contractors, all while avoiding the what I see as over-consumptive behaviours in renos and design. Basically none of our furniture so far is new, but for our mattress, and I’ve found ways to source everything from linens to furniture to construction materials without IKEA or any big box stores, really. Except for Home Hardware, which is my bae.

Another thing has been happening this summer is that I’ve started to write again. A lot. I thought I’d be writing fiction, but actually, more and more the things that I am drawn to are journalistic, editorial, or investigative in nature. I don’t know what that will amount to yet, except that I’m sitting on three article outlines, and a folder on my desktop called “Idea machine” (inspired by a conversation with my brother in which we decided that great cultural commentators are idea machines) which is rife with one-sentence “articles” waiting to be fleshed out.

I don’t know if people would be into reading that kind of thing, but I hope that if I transition this space to be more aligned with my personal interests, that that wouldn’t scare you off.

I’ve been pulling on a few strings, and so I’m going to start to explore them here. Of course, my main specialization is in theatre criticism though there are plenty of other types of commentary that I’d like to investigate. I won’t be so uptight in my personal editing, either, because hey: That’s what blogs are for. A little more candid. A little less veiled.

And so with that thought, I’m setting foot in September. September always feels like a fresh start, so my timing is perfect.

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