The House Diaries_009: Is this my kitchen?





We’re closing in on 2016 and it seems fitting that our reno is starting to kick up a few real gems, including one amazing, functional, and farmhouse-sexy kitchen. Isn’t she a beaut?

The photo features a lot of little details that are a credit to my wonderful family and friends who have been inspired to contribute to the project, too. I am not over exaggerating when I say that without them, the pictures above would feature some half-taped drywall and exposed wiring. Instead, they feel surreal. How and when did this happen? I am in love with the vintage school lights and clock, the decorative pot set and the vintage pyrex bakeware. Each were lovingly sourced and gifted.

My favourite piece (and it’s a tough choice) is our new pot-rack and matching shelves, all finished with iron brackets crafted Quebec. Can you believe it is handmade?! What?! I am chuffed. What’s more: This was a Christmas present. I am truly lucky beyond comprehension to have really creative, industrious people who love me.

The past few months have gone by so quickly, and I often found myself reluctant to document it in greater detail. By and large it’s been rewarding, but the physical and mental effort has been unlike much that I’ve experienced in my lifetime so far. Truly, I doubt if I’ve worked on anything this consistently with this much effort. It seems right that I get to cap this year off with such a beautiful photo. It’s a nice tribute to 10 months of work.

I have made it a personal goal to document the project more fully as the new year rolls over. A resolution, you might even say. I already miss some of the funny, messy moments, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten even more. I also think that, at this point, I may get to show off a few more finished details which is much nicer to look at than a series of photos of half-peeled wallpaper.

Though, there’s plenty more of that to come, too.

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