|bookish| my summer reading list


Books seem to call my name wherever I go. If you and I were to walk down a street and spot a bookstore, there’s no doubt that I’ll veer toward it. I love discovering new books, new authors, and (like many bibliophiles) I have a truly impressive collection of “to be read” books.

One of my most beloved tributes to the changing seasons is to shop my book shelves and make a list of the books that I’d like to read in the season ahead. This, along with folding up my sweaters and stowing them away, is one of my favourite ways to get into that summer spirit.

Some of these books, I’ve already read. Others, I’ve started before but have yet to finish. Others still are new additions to the collection that I can’t wait to start. These are the books that have been screaming at me from my shelves (and my Overdrive wait list!).

It’s a mix bag of fiction and non-fiction. Summer is a time of adventure, lazy late-nights on the porch avoiding sleep, swimming, hikes, and wandering. The books I’ve chosen capture some of those summer feels.

My summer reading list speaks to nature, adventure, the human heart, inspiration, and a touch of magic. Somehow, they’re mainly blue which makes my inner bibliophile pretty happy.

Here they are on Goodreads if you love lists as much as I do:

I’m sure other books will find their way into the TBR pile as I go, but what a lovely feeling to have a curated pile of books.

What’s on your TBR list this summer?

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