hey people! how nice of you to visit my about page. i like you already.

this blog was born from my love for photos and writing.

i love forests, great conversations, my camera, travel, and books. recently, i bought a century-old farmhouse and i am sharing the journey to renovate my first home.

i am drawn to simplicity, loud music, animals, balance in all things, and have a strong impulse to spend time in nature. For inquiries, email me at katter@gmail.com.

Find me elsewhere:


3 thoughts on “about

  1. I tried to get in touch with you about something inane and realized you’ve dropped off the face of the internet. Ahh! Get in touch, friend(?).

    1. oh hello! i did DOTFOTI (phasing it in). i’ve been off the book for about a month now. social experiment.

      i don’t have your number. i’m here and on twitter as kc_lea. dm me?

  2. Following you on Twitter. Follow back so I can DM you. (Something I wish I’d never have to say. At least I know you and you’re not Donald Glover or something.)

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