Finally Spring


Must. Resist. Donut pun.


Move over, Winter. There’s a new kid in town.

I breathed a sigh of relief as we transitioned from winter to spring yesterday. Spring! Just the sound of the word makes me smile. And to celebrate, I woke up early, strapped on my running shoes and ran.  I ignored the fact that there were mounds and mounds of snow and sneaky icy patches on the sidewalks. Ain’t nothing gonna hold me down. I didn’t bring my GPS watch or even look at the time; I just ran with a big smile on my face. It wasn’t even painful– I felt like I could run forever (as long as I didn’t meet any hills).

And so, out with the moody, forlorn, wintry posts. There’s no room for them because spring is for flowers and crop tops, faux-bling and high-waisted satin pants….

xx kc lea

ps — i behooves me to note that i think i’ve struck a balance between “homer simpson” and “fugly unfashion”…. success!!!! my life’s work is complete.

blame it on madonna

For me, WMagazine’s Blame it On Rio has been one of the most inspiring, affecting fashion photo-shoots I have ever laid eyes on. Madonna, her platinum blonde hair, the heat of Rio de Janeiro, religious icons, texture, sense of place… Yes, for me it really has it all! Truly transportive. I tried to pick some of my favourite images but – oh look – I’ve included almost the whole editorial spread!

Photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Arianne Phillips, this shoot encapsulates so many wonderful elements which lead to a perfect execution. The mixture of colour photos with black and white makes us flutter between nostalgia and voyeurism. Interesting perspectives and objects in the foreground help create the narrative that binds this shoot together.

Fashion can bring you from here to here. It is like a vehicle, when you wake up early enough to really care, deeply, about what you adorn yourself with. That is what this photo-shoot evokes, for me.

Hm.. I am being a touch romantic on this otherwise blustery Friday in the Big Stink. I blame it on Madonna.

Find the full photoshoot here: