365 project, day 70

i cut out 50% of what will one day be a simple linen wrap dress before i got distracted by beer and ukelele.

i am self-discipline incarnate.

xx katty lea

raglan sleeved tunic

at the end of the day, i really do love it. a couple days ago, i sewed the button. the final piece. it was done. yet, draped over a chair, it simply stared at me, waiting to be worn.

even though it’s finished, it doesn’t feel finished. half a dozen times i poked and prodded at it, wondering how to better style it, if i should cinch the waist or not, add another button…

later, i’ll wake up in the middle of the night and decide it needs pockets. it really would be better with pockets. most things are.

but i do love it. my first pattern from simple modern sewing by shufu to seikatsu sha. i’m obsessed with japanese sewing books right now, and this raglan sleeved tunic caught my eye immediately. a simple silhouette with some very basic gathering around the sleeves and neckline. i couldn’t resist.

the button is salvaged from a dress i inherited from my babcia. there are a couple more buttons that are waiting for projects. only time will tell where they’ll end up.

i used a light, grey wool-blend with a good amount of drape. the fabric is lovely, and i choose it because it looks passably dressy. or, you know, ‘office appropriate’, almost. as close as i can come to that.

i’ve also featured this tunic it in my latest 365 project post.

my first actual project of the 365 project and it only took nine days.

we can do better than that, n’est-ce pas?

xx katty lea