Vodka Floridita Recipe

28_lifestyle_vodkafloriditaIf you are living somewhere where you’re experiencing seasonally appropriate weather, I don’t want to hear about it. I’m plugging my ears and singing loudly, because spring lied to me and I’m very upset about it. Ottawa, you are failing to impress me. Let’s try to get our act together, shall we?

And so, while you enjoy your spring I’m going to have to fake it. “Fake it until you make it”, as they say.  But that’s OK because actually I’ve found the perfect solution: Cocktails. It’s genius! You may have your “spring” but I have spring in a glass and so who can say who really comes out on top? Don’t answer that.

I’ve felt for some time that what this blog (and my life) is really missing is cocktails. And a Vodka Floridita, with its delicious mélange of citrus and mint, will definitely do the trick. I should be mentioned that I’m taking artistic license with this one; I don’t know what a Vodka Floridita is, really. But let’s not confuse ourselves with details.

28_ingredients3 (1 of 1)28_vodkafloridita-2177Ingredients.

  • Fresh mint
  • 1 lime, sliced into wedges
  • 1/2 tsp sugar per glass
  • Juice from one grapefruit
  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz Cointreau
  • Ice cubes
  • Grapefruit Perrier


Put mint leaves, sugar and a wedge of lime into each glass and muddle. Top the glass with ice. Put Vodka, Cointreau, the juice of one grapefruit and ice into a shaker, and proceed to shake it like it’s your job. Pour it over your muddled mint and ice until the glass is about half full BECAUSE WE’RE OPTIMISTS. Fill the rest of your glass with grapefruit Perrier. Sippy sippy.


It took me one and a half cocktails to write this post, which is either a tribute to how slow a writer I am or how deliciously tasty this cocktail is. Tune in next week for a post on moderation. Kidding…!


apple jelly

ok. back to the apples! i may have mentioned that we have had a lot of apples on hand as of late.

so. many.

but therein lay many opportunities! i am a very nostalgic person this time of year, and so to capture some of that into little jars…isn’t that romantic?

oh apple jelly! how i adore you! you make scones happier, peanut butter punchier… you make every day just a little brighter.

my MIL-in-spirit is a jelly mastermind, and we mourned the day when our apple jelly ran out. well, withdrawal be gone.

once again, i ventured over to my go-to food preservation resource, the national center for home food preservation, and found their article about making jams and jellies without pectin. i was also inspired heavily by david lebovitz’s apple jelly post, though — and tell me if i’m wrong — his sugar quantities seem lethal! i made an initial batch with about 1/2 cup sugar per cup of apple juice (which is less even than he suggests) and the resulting jelly was saccharine. this leads me to believe that his apples were more robust? somehow?


so pretty. i think these will make a really nice gifts. anyone have a birthday coming up?

xx katty lea

sugar free crockpot apple butter

the great apple harvest of 2012 was spirited, to say the least.

though most of these are bound to become cider, i couldn’t help but steal a few to make apple butter. 1- apple butter is pricey, 2- apple butter blows apple sauce out of the water on all counts.

imho, of course.

besides, there’s nothing that says “fall” like making your house smell like apples and cinnamon for days…

without a food mill, i had to rely on labour intensive method involving an old metal sieve, a wooden spoon and a lot of patience. but for apple butter, this is a must. though, i’ve heard that some people throw the applesauce – skins and all – into the blender which i wish i had learned before i spent an hour squishing apples through a sieve.

do you see what i’m saying here?

at any rate, the process of making apple butter is essentially the same as making applesauce, with an extra step:  put the smooth (and skin-free) applesauce into a crockpot and set it on high for three hours with the lid off. this allows the moisture to escape, and the sugars to caramalize just a little bit.

i relied on simply canning’s water bath canning instructions as well as the national centre for home food preservation (including their amazing principals of home canning pdf) to make sure my apple butter was safe, especially because i’ll be handing these puppies out to friends and family.

a few of them, anyway. we really like apple butter.

xx katty lea